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Celebrating National Women Physicians’ Day

Posted on Feb 03, 2022

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Today, we recognize National Women Physicians’ Day and honor the path that female doctors have paved since 1849. This day strives to bring improvements to the workplace, and highlights the achievements of women in the field of medicine beginning with Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman in America to earn a medical degree. Today marks her 201st birthday.

During her time in medical school, she was ostracized and even barred from participating in classroom instruction with her male colleagues. Through courage and determination, she persevered and graduated first in her class in 1849. She went on to practice medicine in London, Paris and eventually New York City — where she opened a medical college for women. She spent her life advocating for reform and equity. Thousands of women physicians and allies have followed in her footsteps — reshaping and advancing the practice of medicine.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has an outstanding group of female physicians who continue to impact and progress health care for children and families. The medical staff officers installed in January 2022 are all women for the first time of the hospital’s history.

Women physicians at Johns Hopkins All Children’s provide outstanding care, participate in vital research, help train the next generation of physicians, and inspire us through leadership and service.

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