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Five New Fellows Join Programs at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital 

Posted on Jan 19, 2018

Resident physicians Noura Nickel, M.D. (left), and Mariana Theodoro, M.D.

Five new fellows have been selected for the Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Hospital Medicine and Pediatric Surgery Fellowship programs at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Fellows are selected, as are residents, through the National Resident Matching Program in which they are matched—ideally—with the institution of their choice. In this instance, four of the five fellows were selected from the hospital's residency program.

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital pediatric residency program, still in its early stages, is surpassing milestones beyond our expectations,” explains Raquel Hernandez, M.D., director of the Pediatric Residency Program and one of the designers of this one-of-a-kind leadership-based pediatric residency program. “Of the trainees choosing to pursue fellowships, all have matched with their top choices. In addition, the institutions with which our residents are matching are some of the top-ranked academic sites across the country.”

The diversity in choice of fellowships (at least 10 different specialties chosen) reflects the rigor and diversity in experiences residents receive during training to be able to choose varied career pathways. Our employment rate for graduates is at 100 percent. In addition, our board pass-rate for the first class of graduates in June 2017 is 100 percent with a trajectory to continue at this pace for the next three years.

“These are accomplishments that few residency programs have the luxury to enjoy,” Hernandez concludes, “and we have set a standard of excellence for future classes to follow.”

Noura Estephane Nickel, M.D., a current pediatric resident at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital matched as one of two new neonatal-perinatal medicine fellows starting in July 2018 and will focus on research, studying the utility of nucleated red blood cells in the first week of life as an early indicator of intraventricular hemorrhage. Mariana Theodoro, M.D., joins Nickel as the second neonatal-perinatal medicine fellow.

“Our NICU is amazing. I’ve had exposure to a few neonatal ICUs throughout my medical training, and I know ours will provide me with very well-rounded training,” Nickel explains. “I appreciate the ability for me to individualize my training here to fit my specific future career goals,” Nickel adds.

Newly selected pediatric hospital medicine fellow Sarah Marsicek, M.D., agrees.

“I am surrounded by some of the best and brightest minds in pediatric health care. Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has become my home,” Marsicek says. “I have built a community of mentors that will help me become the best pediatric hospitalist I can be.”

Michelle Hidalgo, M.D., will continue from the residency program into the Hospice and Palliative Care fellowship. 

Currently, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has two surgical fellows: first-year Jason Robertson, M.D., and second-year Chris Snyder, M.D., and one pediatric research fellow, Jeremy Kaufman, M.D. Katherine Gonzalez, M.D., a resident at Baylor Scott & White in Dallas, was selected as a pediatric surgical fellow to begin in August.

Other current fellows are John Morrison, M.D., first-year hospital medicine fellow, and Nir Shimony, M.D., a pediatric neurosurgery fellow.

The growing fellowship programs at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital are spread across the hospital’s four institutes and beyond, and highlight our academic mission and strategic goals for excellence and pediatric leadership in research, education and patient care.

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