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Jackie Warfield, R.N., Receives the DAISY Award

Posted on Nov 28, 2016

October DAISY Jackie WarfieldJackie Warfield, R.N., is the October 2016 Daisy Award recipient. She joined Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital in 2014 and is a hematology-oncology nurse. The DAISY Award is presented monthly to a Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital nurse who has provided extraordinary service to our patients. Jackie was nominated by physician who wrote:

One evening after our clinic had closed Jackie contacted me on an urgent patient care issue. Jackie is such a remarkable and dedicated nurse that I know when she needs help a patient is truly in need. While doing a thorough review of patient charts after the end of a busy clinic, she noticed that a child's prescriptions had not been sent electronically to the family's local pharmacy. Jackie knew that the prescriptions needed to be sent that night, but clinic had ended and there were no providers present to review and electronically send the prescriptions. Jackie carefully reviewed the patient's very complex medication history. She compiled this information, calculated the proposed correct doses for the medications and reached out to me as a physician who knew the patient well. We reviewed the case over the phone, addressed the situation and confirmed the correct information that was proposed.

After our review, Jackie was able to make sure that the correct prescriptions were sent that night. This level of tenacity and dedication to making sure that all children with cancer and blood disorders who come through our clinic get the highest level of care is what makes Jackie deserving of recognition with a Daisy Award. In today's society children often have to fight through many barriers to get the proper care that they need for their cancer, and through her hard work late at night Jackie made sure there was one less roadblock to curing this child's disease.

I have worked with Jackie for over three years and witnessed her extra effort and devotion on a weekly basis. The Cancer and Blood Disorders clinic is honored to have someone like Jackie to help guide our families through the stressful and taxing road of caring for a child with cancer. I take great pride knowing that Jackie makes a difference in the lives of every child that she takes care of and that she does it with a humble, warm demeanor that puts patients, families, staff and providers at ease.

Jackie's manager added:

Jackie is a phenomenal nurse with 15 years of pediatric hematology/oncology experience.  The day Jackie joined our team at JHACH we became a better institution. She approaches each day with a sense of humbleness and a willingness to work that is unequaled. Jackie continues to challenge herself and grow herself as a nurse and became a certified pediatric nurse in 2016. Her caring and compassion extend to her patients, colleagues and providers she works with and we are extremely thankful that she is a member of our team.

Note: This award was presented to Jackie on Nov. 16

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