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Julia Krzyzewski is the June 2015 Employee of the Month

Posted on Jun 18, 2015

Julia Krzyzewski

Julia Krzyzewski is the June 2015 Employee of the Month. Julia works as a Respiratory Therapist in Respiratory Care and has been with All Children’s Hospital since 2001. Julia was recognized for her Service Excellence by a parent, who wrote:

My son was in the NICU and not doing well. There were talks of a new vent mode and Julia researched it to a tee. She called different hospitals and talked to doctors all over the U.S. and contacted the makers of the vent. She took this on her shoulders and when the vent change came, she was in my son’s room watching over him and explaining everything to us. She is a true angel, even took the time to set up a test lung to show us what the vent was going to do. As a result of her hard work, my son is doing much better and was so stable we were able to get him in for a tracheostomy.

 Julia’s Department Director added:

Julia did an exceptional job in this case. She went above and beyond and took the time to research a mode of ventilation that is not routinely used here at ACH. Julia's skills and abilities led her to think innovatively about a ventilation strategy that could potentially save this baby's life. After spending countless hours researching evidence, speaking with our ventilator representatives, and conversing with our neonatology team, Julia moved forward with a game plan. She explained clearly and concisely her plan of action about this particular mode of ventilation and how we were going to use it. She included key team members at ACH prior to implementation, which showed great leadership and collaboration. Julia also provided education and training to the Respiratory Therapy staff prior to implementation and continued to engage staff members during the first few weeks this patient was on the vent. The dramatic impact Julia had on this patient cannot go unnoticed.  She did an amazing job and I feel strongly that she should receive the accolade of being the Employee of the Month here at ACH.

One of our Neonatologists also added:

I am really proud of Julia’s efforts to educate us and to advocate for this baby. Julia shows great promise for developing respiratory practices in our unit, and helping staff to implement evidence-based practices. Great work!  

Julia, thank you so much for your wonderful Service Excellence. Congratulations for being selected Employee of the Month!

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