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LifeLine Team Lands Excellence in EMS Award

Posted on Jul 20, 2017

Accepting the award, L to R:  David Johnson, Citrus County Airboating, Faith Finch, R.R.T.,
Walter Miller, R.R.T., Cheryl Gardner, R.N., Keith Lucier, Citrus County Airboating, Julie Bacon, R.N., Megan Monahan, R.R.T., Rick Washington, E.M.T., Kristen Rutty, R.N.

Congratulations to Johns Hopkins All Children’s LifeLine critical care transport team for receiving a 2017 Excellence in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Award from the Florida Department of Health for the second consecutive year. Julie Bacon, M.S.N., LifeLine program manager and chief flight officer, and LifeLine crew members accepted the award during a State of Florida EMS Advisory Council meeting in Orlando.

The team won the Video of the Year award for an eight-minute video in which members of the critical care transport team describe the rewards and joy they find in their work and their ongoing focus on safety and training. It describes the inspiration for Survival Day, a full-day training exercise in the rural swamps of Citrus County, Fla., that has helped ensure the crew is ready for an emergency landing in a remote area.

In 2016, Lifeline crew member Dean Shepherd, R.R.T., accepted the Florida EMS Photo of the Year Award for a picture taken after he and fellow team members spent a challenging 45 minutes caring for a critically ill infant aboard the LifeLine helicopter.

"This video was a generous gift from a crew family member who believes in the LifeLine mission and commitment to safety,” Bacon says. “It’s an example of how important the partnership between EMS and the community can be, and a tribute to all EMS personnel whose safety is on the line each day. It was an incredible experience to accept the award on behalf of our LifeLine crew and the volunteers of Citrus County Airboating."

The 40-year-old critical care transport program provides state-of-the-art mobile intensive care aboard the LifeLine helicopter, fixed-wing transport or one of four specially equipped ambulances, depending on the patient’s needs and the distance of the sending hospital.

Each year the team brings about 1,300 neonatal and pediatric patients to Johns Hopkins All Children’s for care from across the state of Florida, the southeastern United States and other countries. The LifeLine team stabilizes the patient at the sending hospital and then provides lifesaving medical interventions using advanced technologies while en route, with constant medical oversight by physicians at Johns Hopkins All Children’s.

“The Department of Health is pleased to recognize the brave and honorable efforts of Florida’s men and women who serve their community with excellence in emergency medical services,” said State Surgeon General and Secretary of Health Dr. Celeste Philip. “Congratulations to the statewide EMS award recipients for their significant contributions to EMS in Florida. We are so thankful for their lifesaving services.”

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