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Lisa LaVenture is the Employee of the Month for December 2016

Posted on Feb 06, 2017

Lisa LaVenture is the Employee of the Month for December 2016. She is a speech pathologist and has been with the hospital for nearly seven years. Lisa was nominated for this award by a parent who wrote:

Lisa has been working very hard with my son on feeding therapy. His high sensory integration affects and limits what he eats and drinks. With hard work and creative ways of figuring out all five senses, Lisa has helped my son to eat fruits, vegetables, meats and whole grains. We still need more therapy to get him to eat nutritionally balanced meals, but Lisa is an “Angel in Disguise” when it comes to how far she has helped him respond to eating different foods.

Lisa's director added:

Lisa is an outstanding speech language pathologist who embodies knowledge, compassion, patience and skill. As indicated by her nomination, she works effectively with some of the most challenging feeding cases. She works with the entire family, which results in strong outcomes with all her patients. We are so fortunate to have Lisa to provide this care to our families.

Thank you, Lisa, for your service excellence and congratulations on being named Employee of the Month.

Note: This award was presented to Lisa on January 19.

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