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Lori Sammel, R.N., is the May 2017 Daisy Award Recipient

Posted on Jun 22, 2017

Lori Sammel, R.N., is the May 2017 Daisy Award Recipient

Lori Sammel, R.N., a charge nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), was honored with the May 2017 Daisy Award at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. The DAISY award is presented monthly to a Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital nurse who has provided extraordinary service to our patients.

Lori was nominated for the Daisy Award by the team of clinical nurses she supervises. They wrote:

“Lori is an exceptional role model for the NICU. She not only functions as a great team player but as a leader who pulls the entire unit together during many situations. She is well received by co-workers and at the bedside by families as a patient advocate and resource when the bedside nurse needs assistance. Families appreciate her warmth and wealth of knowledge.”

“Lori’s face and voice are always seen and heard so you never feel alone. She is available at the drop of a hat to attempt an IV, draw blood cultures, or assist with a procedure. Many times she is just there to listen, and you always feel comfortable asking questions. If she doesn’t know the answer she always finds out for you and gets back to you. It is very obvious that Lori is passionate about her job and all of her fellow co-workers. She displays excellent leadership skills and we thank her for all she does.”

The NICU leadership team added:

“Lori is an amazing charge nurse. Her calm demeanor and skill have helped us through some of our most challenging days. Her positive leadership skills have made her a role model to seasoned as well as new nurses and we are so fortunate to have her as part of the NICU leadership team. She is most deserving of this high honor.”

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