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Naura Thomas is the Employee of the Month for November 2016

Posted on Jan 24, 2017

Naura Thomas is the Employee of the Month for November 2016. She is a patient care specialist and has been with the hospital for almost two years. Laura was nominated by a fellow employee who wrote:

The 7 South night shift staff believes that Naura Thomas deserves recognition for her exemplary work. Every shift she works, her commitment to patient care shines through. Naura has been with us for one year, transitioning from working as a patient care technician with a strictly adult population to working with children when she came to Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. She came at a time when she was the only tech, and from day one has been phenomenal. Now, she is an excellent preceptor to new PCTs.

She is not only a fast learner, but a hard worker. She manages large patient loads efficiently and always with a smile. She goes leaps and bounds above what she is required to do in order to help her co-workers and always acts in the best interest of the unit. She is a good communicator with her co-workers and has excellent interpersonal skills with patients and parents. We often call Naura "the baby whisperer" as she is excellent with kids.

She treats each child as if they were her own. It is obvious to see that this is not just a "job" for Naura. It's a passion. When a patient was upset after his parents had left, Naura went in and picked him up and comforted him in the chair until he fell asleep. This is just one example in which Naura's wonderful and caring soul has touched and amazed us all.

Naura’s clinical leader added:

Since joining our team in 2015, Naura has made such a positive impact both with staff and our patients/families.  Naura always goes above and beyond to help meet the needs of our patients.  We are honored to have Naura on our team.

Thank you, Naura, for your service excellence and congratulations on being named Employee of the Month.

Note: This award was presented to Naura on January 24.

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