School Shooting Community Response Event

Posted on Feb 28, 2018

The Parkland, Florida, school shooting created anxiety and uncertainty among parents and students across the nation.

On Monday, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital hosted a community event to provide advice on how to talk to children in the wake of traumatic events, how to deal with bullying and other challenges for children and families. The event included audience questions and a panel discussion of psychologists and a psychiatrist from the hospital as well as a St. Petersburg Police Department officer.

Kristin Hoffman, Ph.D., director of trauma psychology, said it's important for parents to stay close to their children and answer their questions.

"They’re being exposed to it through media, through their friends, even through school where kids 4 and 5 years old now are having active shooter drills," she said. "My advice to people after events like this is usually to limit their exposure to media and to figure out what kids are watching, watch it with them — go onto Facebook and social to see what they’re looking at and process it with them.”

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