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Terri Sunderlin, R.N., and Lindsey Reed, R.N., are the recpients of the December 2016 Daisy Award

Posted on Feb 06, 2017

Terri Sunderlin, R.N., and Lindsey Reed, R.N., are the recipients of the December 2016 Daisy Award. They work together in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) and were nominated by a CVICU nursing colleague who wrote:

Terri, Lindsey and I had been sharing in the care of a particularly sick patient who was nearing end of life. The medical and nursing team had pursued every possible option to delay and reverse the outcome for this patient, and the family was aware that the prognosis looked dismal. On the day our patient died, Terri and Lindsey created so many special moments for the family. They made sure all the parents’ needs were met during this distressing time. Terri read books to the patient and organized a Christmas photo shoot, and both nurses helped keep the atmosphere in the room so that the parents could appreciate their last moments with their child. Their teamwork showed professionalism and compassion in the face of what was a personally emotional experience for all of us. I am so grateful they were present on this shift so we could all provide a memorable and meaningful experience for this family.

Their senor director said:

Terri and Lindsey are both compassionate and exemplary nurses. Terri, an R.N. in the CVICU since 1988, is recognized for her cardiac expertise and commitment to excellence in ECMO. Lindsey joined JHACH in 2015 after completing travel assignments and is now pursing her master’s degree in nursing. She is recognized for her leadership skills and quality nursing care. Both Terri and Lindsey consistently come to work with a positive, can-do attitude and give extraordinary care to their complex patients, as noted in this nomination. We are so proud of them and grateful for the truly deserved recognition!

Note: This award was presented to Lindsey and Terri on February 1, 2017.

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