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The All Children’s Hospital Guild Raises $1 Million for Children In Need of Life-long Care for Serious Illnesses

Posted on Jul 21, 2015

The All Children’s Hospital Guild, an external service organization that raises funds for the hospital, just finished raising $1,070,000 for the hospital’s palliative care program. Palliative care is specialized medical and multidisciplinary care that helps provide relief from pain and stresses brought on by a serious, often life-limiting illness. Palliative care team members work closely with families to guide them through their child’s illness in order to improve their quality of life throughout their stay in the hospital.

This significant donation from the Guild allows the program to increase education for medical providers, medical residents, health care team members and community providers. The funds also helped the hospital hire a nurse practitioner to provide additional support for palliative care patients and their family members during their greatest time of need.

“Over the past three years, the Guild pledged to raise $900,000 and surpassed the goal thanks to our exceptional group of 400-plus volunteers from nine Branches throughout Tampa Bay,” said Judy McDermott, 2014-2015 Guild chair. “Many of our members have their own personal story about All Children’s so it was important to share these stories during our fundraising projects and spread the message of our mission – to advocate, volunteer and fundraise for children and families of All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine.”

“We are so pleased and impressed with the Guild’s efforts,” explained Jenine Rabin, executive vice president of the All Children’s Hospital Foundation. “We are thankful that we are able to offer the support of a formal palliative care program through the Guild’s hard work and we appreciate what they do every day for our kids and their families in a time of great need.”

In addition to palliative care, the Guild has also raised money for other areas of the hospital over the years, including construction for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which was completed in 2010. The Guild also helped purchase a new ambulance designed specifically for the long-distance transport of often critical patients who require medical attention throughout the drive. The Guild also funded a position for an endowed chair that focuses solely on pediatric research. In total, the Guild has raised more than $11 million for the hospital since its inception in 1949.

The Guild is preparing to work on a four year fundraising initiative of $1,350,000 which will help support the hospital’s nursing programs and  as well as purchase an additional ambulance for the transport team.

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