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Understanding Funding for Children’s Healthcare: Researching Better Therapies and Healthier Futures

Posted on Jun 10, 2015

As one of three specialty licensed children's hospitals in Florida, All Children's Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine is a statewide essential healthcare provider. We care for children with complex and chronic health problems ... "the sickest of the sick." We treat children from every county in Florida and provide care in more than 50 pediatric specialties, and more than half of our 259 beds are dedicated to intensive care level services. Changes to healthcare funding could have a serious impact on patients and families who rely on All Children's Hospital to continue to improve treatments that give children with a serious illness a brighter future.

Research to Improve Children's Health

All Children's is home to many types of innovative research, with nearly 300 active research studies that include:
  • Clinical trials that help identify more effective therapies for patients with cancer, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, extreme prematurity, thrombosis and other health challenges
  • Outcomes research that helps All Children's experts identify the interventions and best practices that have had the most positive impact-and spread that knowledge to other types of illness or care settings
  • Cohort (group) studies that are designed to identify earlier and stronger predictors of outcome for children with a wide variety of acute and chronic health problems as well as healthy children, leading to more tailored approaches to disease prevention and treatment in the future
  • Studies to develop and evaluate new technologies, such as using saliva samples to help identify high levels of chemotherapy drugs and prevent serious side effects
We continue to invest in a comprehensive clinical trials infrastructure, pediatric biorepository, the latest technologies, and growing team of leading research specialists to forge new ground in the fight against many childhood illnesses. Through these research efforts, we improve the health of patients here at ACH and the health of children across Florida.

Funding from the Low Income Pool (LIP) helps support our focus on research. Continued LIP funding is essential to our research mission and our efforts to help the children of Florida become healthy and productive adults.

While the primary goal of our research programs is to improve children's health, research also contributes to our local and state economy. All Children's Hospital is one of the region's largest employers and has continued to grow and hire healthcare professionals even during the economic downturn. Since 2009, we have added close to 500 new team members. The nationally recognized economic research consultant firm Appleseed reports that for every $1 invested in research, the national quantified return on investment is $2.25. The state of Florida's anticipated return on investment from this appropriation is $4.5 million per year.

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