7 South Nurses and Raymond “Git Up” and Dance During Cancer Awareness Month

Posted on Oct 11, 2019

“Right now, I just need you to get real loose. … Get comfortable,” the lyrics and song The Git Up by Blanco Brown fill the hallways of the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital cancer unit with an uplifting beat. A group of nurses wearing their dazzling tutus just did a run-through practice of the viral social media dance challenge and are ready to record their video.

“We’ve been listening to this song for a while and wanted to do the challenge,” says Lindsay Jones, a registered nurse in the Cancer & Blood Disorders Institute. “Tutu Tuesday is always a fun day on the unit, so we decided to incorporate the two.”

A furry blue Raymond, the Tampa Bay Rays’ mascot, also shows up and puts on his shimmering gold and blue tutu that a nurse made. He stands up front to take the lead.

“I had the idea to bring Raymond in when I went to a baseball game in August and saw him doing the dance during a game,” Jones says.

As the cameras start to roll, the music continues: “Grab your loved ones or grab your love partner, And if you're by yourself no worries, Just follow after me…”

Matt, dad of 14-month old Logan, joins in. With a big smile, he holds his son against his chest. Their hands clasp together as they spin in circles. Logan has a rare form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and has relapsed twice. He is now about to undergo CAR-T Cell Therapy, so this dance challenge is quick reprieve.

“We love our nurses and truly believe the hospital does a great job keeping patients and parents entertained,” Matt says. “Logan was smiling from ear to ear. It’s always great to exit your room and have a little fun.”

Two-year-old Noah, who battles sickle cell disease, jumps on the dance floor, too. He is about to be discharged, so what better way to celebrate? Registered nurse Rebecca Flory picks him up to dance together. Mission accomplished: challenge complete and patients are smiling.

“It was so awesome to have Logan and Noah dance with us,” Jones says. “That’s why we do what we do -- for them.”

Now the nurses of the Cancer & Blood Disorders Institute challenge others: Will you “Git Up” and dance?


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