A Friendly Face with A Helping Hand

Posted on Jun 07, 2018

Tom Gombarcik

Tom Gombarcik pushes his cart through the busy Johns Hopkins All Children's Outpatient Care Center lobby. He spots a woman, hands full, frustration etching her face and a little boy running free. Her purse falls.

Tom knows what to do.

Tom is that guy who never just says "Hello." He says, “Hello, Karen.”  “Good Morning, Dr. Mueller.” “How was your weekend, Louise?” He works as a supply chain technician, walking the hospital campus all day. He usually pushes a gray cart, delivering boxes, packages and smiles.

Tom knows everyone, and everyone knows Tom.

When he spots the woman, he is ready: “Let me take your packages and walk you to your car. That way you can hang on to your son,” Tom says, gently. She exhales, relieved. “C’mon. This way.”

Tom walks them across the bridge to the parking garage. The little boy is fussing, so Tom distracts him with questions as they walk.

Mom reaches her minivan and pulls open the door. Tom hands her some folders, a diaper bag and her purse. She puts the little boy in the car. Tom waits until he knows they are settled in. She is grateful.

“Have a blessed day,” he says.

He walks back into the lobby to resume his travels, “Hello Dr. Wilsey....”


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