A Harpist with Heart

Posted on Jun 02, 2018

Charlotte Murphy plays the harp.

Tiny fingers pluck tentatively at the strings of a grand pedal harp. They explore the different notes and delight in each melodic strum. Eventually the more experienced hands of Charlotte Murphy join in to lead the way and in time, take over from the younger kids.

Murphy, a high school junior and principal harpist for the Sarasota Youth Orchestra, plays an original piece. It calms even the most rambunctious spirits in the room into reclining on squishy beanbag chairs. Her young audience is wide-eyed and mesmerized by the performance.

She is sharing her gift with patients and families as well as a special gift for Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Murphy may only be 16, but she already has started a non-profit organization, Young at Harp. Proceeds from the group’s spring concert are benefiting the hospital.

The piece she plays is aptly named "For You"—after all, she composed it with the patients and families of Johns Hopkins All Children’s in mind.

“It makes really beautiful music,” remarks one little boy.

Murphy smiles in agreement.


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