A Scan Companion

Posted on Feb 22, 2019

Even a short walk without your mommy seems long. Kathy McEntire knows this very well. The MRI technologist at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital has been helping tiny patients overcome separation anxiety during radiology procedures for 15 years.

Little Alysson is the same age as Kathy’s granddaughter, and she’s already thinking of what special toy she’s going to select for the little girl clutching her hand on the walk to the scanner. Allyson’s beautiful brown eyes survey Kathy’s every move. With each step the 3-year-old’s bravery surpasses that of most 30-year-olds. Scans of her brain occur every three months, says her mother, Maria.

“It’s hard leaving them alone,” she concedes. The special compassion from Kathy feels wonderful. “My dream is to have a MRI machine that could actually cure you, not just take pictures for the doctors,” Kathy says after Alysson leaves carrying a new Dora the Explorer game set.    


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