A Welcome Lesson

Posted on Jun 22, 2018

Nick Jabre, M.D., visits with residents

The projector is on and the presentation is ready to go. Residents stream into the conference room. They’re ready to learn, but today’s noontime conference is special.

The student has become the teacher.

Nick Jabre, M.D., a pulmonology fellow at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, is leading the day’s discussion of pulmonary function testing.

At this time last year, Dr. Jabre was celebrating the end of his residency at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. He was a member of the inaugural graduating class and is the first one to come back to lead a noontime medical lecture for current residents.

The opening moments of the seminar feel more like a celebration than a lesson.

Smiles and laughter. Hugs. A round of applause.

A warm welcome home for not just a colleague, but a family member. 


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