Drawing a Sigh of Relief

Posted on Jun 01, 2018

Dianne Maida, R.N.

It’s a quarter past 5. Dianne Maida, R.N., readies to head home when a mother and infant enter Johns Hopkins All Children’s Outpatient Care, East Lake. Tears well in the woman’s eyes and desperation resonates in her voice.

They have come from another facility where the baby boy’s blood draw had gone wrong. They’d “poked and poked and poked him and couldn’t get a vein.”

Maida sings. She checks his little piggies going to the market and those going home. She warms his feet and consoles his mom.

For 60 minutes.

Maida draws only half the blood needed for the ordered tests. But as she sends them home, she promises to try again in the morning after a few bottles of water can hydrate the veins.

When morning comes, Maida draws the remaining blood easily. A relieved mother leaves with her happy infant.


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