Little Things Make a Big Difference

Posted on Jun 15, 2018

Night has fallen, but the hospital glows. Johns Hopkins All Children’s never sleeps.

In the NICU, a nurse tends to a crying infant with a gently whispered song.

Doors burst open in the Emergency Center and a stretcher crashes through, garish red ambulance lights illuminating the room.

In the lobby, all is quiet. The security guard nods knowingly as a tired nurse trudges home long after her shift has ended.

Aromas from tomorrow’s breakfast slowly drift from the cafeteria.

The helicopter touches down and the transport team exits quickly with an organ for transplant. Surgeons stand by.

On the seventh floor, a weary family happily packs bags. They gently pull crayon drawings from the walls. Their child, whose cancer is in remission, watches with a smile. They softly exhale as they close the door behind them.

Another happy ending.

Soon, a new day begins with hundreds of new moments.

We hope you've enjoyed Moments, a monthlong daily series of tiny scenes that tell a larger story of care and compassion at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. The daily feature ends today but the moments continue, so we'll feature one each Friday beginning next week on and through social media.


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