The Trick is Getting Her the Treats

Posted on May 30, 2018

The door is closed, but the girl is animated. Her head bobs in the window, mesmerized by the stream of Frozen characters, animals, pirates and more parading past her. A little bag sits on the floor outside of her door.

It’s Halloween and a parade of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital employees round the floors in costumes for Reverse Trick-or-Treating, an event where employees dress in costumes and visit patients to hand out treats. If the patients can't get out to collect the treats, we'll bring the treats to them.

Most doors are open with happy princesses and superheroes sitting in doorways. Some doors are closed because the child is too sick to be exposed to the costumed characters. Those children still crave treats, sweet or not.

As the characters file past the room with the bobbing head, a nurse calls out: “Please, please don’t forget her. She’s been waiting for this all morning. Please visit at her window.”

The characters wave, they twirl, they fill her bag with treats.

The nurse smiles as the girl's eyes dance.


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