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Posted on Apr 12, 2019

Cory with his daughter
Cory with his daughter

Cory Chase works in information technology at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. He wrote this first-person account last week:

April 5 is an anniversary. It's not a birthday, the anniversary of a marriage or engagement, a recognized holiday or a day known to many people outside my circle of family and friends.

Fourteen years ago, my daughter completed treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) at All Children's Hospital. I am quite certain every other parent of a survivor also marks their anniversary and never fails to acknowledge it. It's a reminder of a time of struggle, fear, hopelessness and uncertainty that all worked out as we had hoped and prayed from the moment of diagnosis.

On this anniversary, I am once again grateful and thankful to everyone who is a part of this institution. I am also very proud to be an employee here and even though I am in the shadows of the IT Department, I know that each and every person here contributes to the safety and well-being of every child that comes through our doors. Coming in to work every day is a form of paying it forward. Some days are harder than others, but I remind myself of what it is we do here and that perspective makes all the difference. I recall the kindness and warmth of the staff I interacted with those 14-plus years ago. That is the bar set for each and every one of us.

The hospital has faced some challenges but I want to thank All Children's for the countless times they got it right, the times when miracles happened, lives were saved and tragedy was averted. We are not the kind of organization that needs self-congratulation or grandiose attention. We always strive to do the right thing whether someone is watching or not. And it will be that continuous integrity, compassion and kindness that we will persevere past these darker times. Because, that is who we are.

Today, I again say thank you to the wonderful care team that saved and cured my daughter. I say thank you to everyone who supported them. I thank every last person who is a part of this organization and what you do every single day, for we are each a significant cog in this machine that does everything in our power for every child that comes through our doors. 

Thank you.

Cory Chase
Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital


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