With Grace Comes Joy

Posted on May 17, 2018

Anysia McDowell with her daughter

Silence hangs over the Child Life Auditorium. Sunshine streams through the large window, yet everyone has chills. No one dares to move. No one wants to break this dreamlike state.

Silence hangs over the room. Silence, punctuated only by the golden tones of Anysia McDowall, senior corporate engagement officer for the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Foundation, as she belts out an a cappella rendition of Amazing Grace. Her eyes close as she recalls the words and grips her daughter’s hand.

Anysia is petite, yet her voice fills the room. The lyrics offer words of hope to the patients and families listening. They hang on every word.

The Johns Hopkins All Children's Talent Show is an opportunity for employees to volunteer their time to brighten a child’s day. The showcase of secret talents reaches out to every patient through a livestream broadcast on in-house TV. It’s a small, yet powerful moment of hope.

How sweet the sound indeed.


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