Posted on Feb 01,2021

    Children Placing Objects in their Body

    Joe Perno, M.D., talks about what parents should do if children put objects in places like their nose, mouth or ears, and when to go to the Emergency Center.

    Posted on Nov 30,2020

    Common Pediatric Rashes

    Rashes are a common reason for people to visit local Emergency Rooms. Many of these can easily be treated at home while others can be suggestive of true emergencies. Joe Perno, M.D., offers tips on which rashes you should be most concerned about.

    Posted on Nov 09,2020

    Common Cold in Kids: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

    Joe Perno, M.D., talks about what parents need to know about the common cold and viral respiratory infections.

    Posted on Sep 14,2020

    When Is Stomach Pain an Emergency?

    Joe Perno, M.D., explains some common causes of belly pain in children and signs that the pain might be an emergency.

    Posted on Aug 18,2020

    Are Vaccines Needed if School Is Virtual?

    Staying on schedule with vaccines is important even if children are learning virtually or have other disruptions to their school year. Joe Perno, M.D., answers some common questions about vaccines and how to make sure your children have the vaccines they need.

    Posted on Dec 16,2019

    Preparing your Kids for Holiday Travel

    Joe Perno, M.D., offers parents tips on planning ahead for holiday travel with children.

    Posted on Nov 25,2019

    How to Choose Safe Toys for Kids and Toddlers

    Toys that are appropriate for older children may be unsafe for younger children. Joe Perno, M.D., talks about some common toy hazards and how families can keep toy safety in mind this holiday season.

    Posted on Sep 30,2019

    When Do You Need to Take Your Child to the Emergency Center?

    Joe Perno, M.D., discusses some common injuries physicians see in the Emergency Center, and how to know when to bring your child to the EC.

    Posted on Aug 12,2019

    What to Know Before Your Child Goes to the Emergency Center

    Joe Perno, M.D., discusses what parents need to know about emergency situations and when to take their child to an Emergency Center.

    Posted on Jun 03,2019

    Preventing Sunburns & Using Sunscreen in Florida

    In time for the start of summer, Joe Perno, M.D., offers tips on how to choose the right form of sun protection for your children.

    Posted on Apr 15,2019

    Pool and Water Safety in Florida

    Parents should be aware of water safety at the pool and around the house, too. Joe Perno, M.D., shares tips on how to think about water safety all year round.

    Posted on Apr 01,2019

    On Call for All Kids: Talking to Kids about Viral Video Challenges

    Joe Perno, M.D., from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, shares tips on how parents should talk to their kids about social media challenges.

    Posted on Oct 08,2018

    The Advantages of Walking to School

    Walking to school can be great exercise for children. Joe Perno, M.D., offers tips for parents to help kids safely make the most of walking to school.

    Posted on Sep 10,2018

    Bicycle safety tips for children and parents

    Biking to school can be a fun, healthy activity for kids. Joseph Perno, M.D., shares some tips to make sure your children are biking safely.

    Posted on Aug 06,2018

    Myths about Vaccines

    Joe Perno, M.D., shares facts and addresses some common myths about vaccines.

    Posted on Jun 11,2018

    Bedwetting Is More Common Than You Think

    About 5 million children in the United States wet the bed. Joe Perno, M.D., medical staff affairs officer at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, answers questions about the topic.

    Posted on May 07,2018

    The Dangers of Leaving Children Unattended in the Car

    We have all heard about leaving children unattended in the car. Why is this so dangerous? Joe Perno, M.D., medical staff affairs officer at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, explains why you should never leave a child alone in a hot car.

    Posted on Aug 29,2017

    Bicycle Safety for Children

    About 900 people die each year from bike injuries with three quarters of these being head injuries. Only 22 states have mandatory bike helmet laws.