Posted on Dec 20,2021

    What Causes Pink Eye?

    There can be several different causes of pink eye, a common childhood ailment. Emergency medicine physician Patrick Mularoni, M.D., talks about the different causes and how it is treated.

    Posted on Oct 25,2021

    Is Halloween Safe in 2021?

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., offers advice for families on navigating traditions like trick or treating this Halloween.

    Posted on Aug 23,2021

    What is Myocarditis and are there COVID-19 Risks of Returning to Sports?

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., medical director for Sports Medicine, explains what myocarditis is and the risks associated with return to playing sports after COVID-19.

    Posted on Oct 05,2020

    Returning to Sports Amid COVID-19

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., talks about how parents and coaches can navigate some of the safety issues surrounding youth sports and COVID-19.

    Posted on Jun 01,2020

    Preventing Kids from Drowning

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., provides tips for parents and caregivers on pool safety.

    Posted on Apr 20,2020

    Returning to Youth Sports After the Coronavirus Crisis

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., discusses some ways that youth athletes can continue to train and stay active at home.

    Posted on Mar 30,2020

    Ways to Keep Kids Active During Coronavirus Disease Era

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., talks about why daily exercise is important for kids and shares tips for families on making it a part of their day.

    Posted on Sep 23,2019

    What to Know about Fall Sports for Kids

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., shares tips for parents on deciding whether your child is ready to play sports.

    Posted on Jun 10,2019

    Summer Hydration: What Should Kids be Drinking in the Summer?

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., talks about how much water kids need to stay hydrated and how to help them make sure they’re drinking enough of it each day.

    Posted on Mar 18,2019

    On Call for All Kids: Overuse Injuries in Youth Sports

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., explains how playing the same sport year-round can lead to injuries in young athletes.

    Posted on Dec 10,2018

    Holiday Dangers in the Home

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., shares some safety tips to keep in mind as you're decorating for the holidays.

    Posted on Oct 01,2018

    When to Worry About a Rash

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, explains some common rashes seen in children.

    Posted on Aug 27,2018

    Treating Student Sports-Related Injuries

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., shares tips for parents on helping their student athletes avoid injuries.

    Posted on Jul 30,2018

    What Parents Should Know About Concussions

    Patrick Mularoni, M.D., from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, gives parents some important information they need to know in case their child suffers a concussion.

    Posted on Mar 05,2018

    Stocking a Home Medical Kit? Here’s What You Need

    Many of us have medicine cabinets stocked with old unused prescriptions in our homes. But when your home emergency happens, it always seems that you can’t find what you need. Patrick Mularoni, M.D., from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, explains what you should have on hand and what you should probably get rid of.

    Posted on Jan 22,2018

    When to Pierce a Child’s Ears and Other Jewelry Questions

    Many parents question when children are old enough to wear jewelry, especially earrings. Patrick Mularoni, M.D., from Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital gives parents some helpful tips.

    Posted on Aug 15,2017

    Understanding Concussions in Youth Sports

    With fall sports back in full swing, sports related concussions seem to be on the rise. The Sports Medicine Program at Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is helping parents and coaches understand concussions and how to treat them.