Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are important parts of caring for patients and fostering lasting employee relationships.

In April 2011, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital became the first U.S. hospital outside the Baltimore/Washington, D.C. region to join Johns Hopkins Medicine. As we work together in many areas of treatment, education and research, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and Johns Hopkins Medicine share an institutional commitment to understand and support the needs of diverse patients and colleagues.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital cares for local children, as well as those that travel from across the state of Florida and abroad. A diverse staff plays a key role in understanding how to provide satisfying care for patients from all walks of life, including those from underserved populations. By fostering inclusion among our employees, we are building a space where contributions are valued and people are more likely to choose to stay at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital to pursue their professional development and goals.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s welcomes employees, patients and families of all religions. Our staff will work with families to provide their child with the best care possible in a way that respects their religious beliefs. Additionally, our Pastoral Care program can provide spiritual support to patients, families and employees while honoring personal traditions. We also respect and celebrate different perspectives, lifestyles, cultures, ethnicities and religions of our colleagues, patients and families. We treat others as we hope to be treated ourselves.