Meet Our Leadership Team

A word from our leaders.

Joseph Conrod Sr., SPHR, MA

Director, Human Resources
Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

"On behalf of the leadership team, I would like to welcome you to the leadership page for diversity, inclusion and cultural competency for Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. These words have a special meaning because they go beyond my professional career, but engrained within my personal life in general. My professional career and personal experiences has deepened my appreciation, understanding, and broaden my research of a demographic changing America. 

At Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, we believe that people with different backgrounds and experiences bring a broad base of ideas, concepts and perspectives.  If leveraged, it enhances our ability to achieve higher quality, positive outcomes and improved business results. We truly value differences and believe that diverse perspectives are our true strength.”

Our main investment is our people. Diversity, inclusion and cultural competency are integrated within our business and a big part our Culture. We believe that these ingredients can be strategized to improve quality, enhance patient centric care and assist in eliminating racial and ethical disparities. This prepares us to adequately address diverse populations for our patients and families, which not only includes racial and cultural differences, but all those qualities and characteristics that makes unique.”