Education Goals


  1. 5 Continuous Learning: Encourage an atmosphere which prepares learners to meet future care delivery demands, while addressing the workforce needs of the region.
  2. 5.1 Ensure that the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital residency program continues its purpose of innovatively training physicians for the way medicine will be practiced in the future.
  3. 5.2 Proactively engage all learners, retaining the best and brightest.
  4. 5.3 Develop and implement educational programs that will enhance the continued competencies of clinical and non-clinical staff with a focus on advanced education and relevant professional certifications. (Growth of programs in ACGME: cardiology, oncology (institutes) and programs in sports medicine, palliative care)
  5. 5.4 Develop the best educators throughout all of Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, recognizing the importance of teaching and the value of academic productivity across a variety of settings.
  6. 5.5 Provide continuous education opportunities to clinicians and other members within the community to strengthen partnerships (e.g., use of medical informatics).