Performance Goals


  1. 8 Care Transformation: Contribute to the triple aim (improved patient experience, improved population health, decreased costs) by emphasizing the patient experience and providing appropriate care in the appropriate location, while transforming the institution into an outcomes-oriented, high reliability organization.
  2. 8.1 Ensure a smooth transition of care between Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital and adult providers for patients with chronic illnesses which extend into adulthood..
  3. 8.2 Develop capabilities or foster partnerships for all components of the care continuum (e.g., with mental health, post acute, adult care facilities) to allow for trans-disciplinary care transitions that improve outcomes and ensures patients are in the appropriate care environment.
  4. 8.3 Establish standardized processes to maximize quality, ensure safety, streamline patient flow, unify physician practice patterns, reduce cost, and support a high level of performance reliability.
  5. 9 Financial Strength: Optimize financial performance to allow for continued reinvestment in Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. 
  6. 9.1 Identify opportunities to reduce the per unit cost of care without negatively impacting service, quality or outcomes.
  7. 9.2 Optimize revenue enhancement through identified revenue cycle initiatives.
  8. 9.3 Streamline ACSP operations, with a focus on transparency and metrics-driven performance evaluation
  9. 9.4 Increase philanthropic gifts to support the priorities identified in the strategic plan, as well as hospital and foundation operations.
  10. 9.5 Identify and address opportunities to improve the cost-effectiveness of providing employee and dependent health benefits.
  11. 9.6 Complete Master Campus and Facilities Plan(s) in support of Strategic Priorities and overall Strategic Plan Goals.
  12. 9.7 Identify and leverage new sources of revenue, including the development and growth of the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital International Program.