Vision, Mission and Core Values

The mission statement, core values, vision and value statement will serve not only as the guiding principles for how we care for our patients, educate our students and conduct research to provide world-class medicine, but will create the foundation of this strategic plan.

  • Vision

    Creating healthy tomorrows... for one child, for All Children.

  • Mission

    To provide leadership in child health through treatment, education, advocacy and research.

    • Treatment - Deliver quality services with compassion and commitment to family-centered care.
    • Education - Provide educational programs for our patients, families, employees and healthcare professionals
    • Advocacy - Provide leadership in promoting the well-being of children
    • Research- Develop, support and participate in clinical, basic and translational research
  • Core Values

    Honesty and Integrity
    Inspiration and Hope
    Collaboration and Teamwork
    Inquiry and Innovation
    Compassion and Respect
    Responsibility and Safety

Value Statement

"There is only one child in all the world, and that child's name is All Children"

--Carl Sandburg