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Pediatric Residency Program

The Johns Hopkins All Children's Residency Program welcomed its first class of residents in July 2014.

Our program was developed at a unique time in graduate medical education, as changes in curricula and assessment nationwide are designed to prepare residents to become better pediatricians and health care leaders. At JHACH we are privileged to use the strengths of Johns Hopkins Medicine and the flexibility and availability at our freestanding children’s hospital to move beyond the traditional model of residency training. Our pediatric residency program is educationally focused, which means that your education and individual needs lead your training course. We accelerate your career and professional development through opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills and practices as residents work with peers and mentors to step into current and future career roles in all areas of pediatrics.

Our first year sequence allows residents to experience inpatient hospital pediatrics, neonatal intensive care, emergency medicine, and subspecialties to gain early experiences in these fields and inform career decision-making. These rotations provide our interns with core skills in the care of hospitalized patients and critically ill infants, children and adolescents. A longitudinal experience in the continuity setting provides opportunities for coordination of care and continuous quality improvement activities.

The second year sequence is largely based in the ambulatory setting, while still maintaining pertinent inpatient hospital and critical care skills. Key rotations include developmental pediatrics, adolescent medicine and many other subspecialties, with an emphasis of residents as educators, permitting flexibility to individualize curriculum based on career and scholarship goals. Second year residents will be encouraged to develop continuity of care with their patients in the ambulatory setting and acquire an in-depth understanding of patient management among various subspecialties.

Our third year residents are not only seen as educators, but are also empowered and provided skills to be leaders of interdisciplinary healthcare teams. Third year residents will grow their expertise in the management of hospitalized patients and critically ill children while also enhancing their knowledge of the health care environment.


Our Mission Statement

By prioritizing innovative and individualized education, the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Pediatric Residency Program is committed to developing leaders in pediatric medicine who will provide exceptional, evidence-based care for the children, families and communities they serve.

We value a culture of diversity and inclusion, health equity and accountability, and inquiry and discovery.

We provide an environment of wellness, camaraderie, collaboration, and support.

We empower residents to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and personalized care to all children.


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