Why Train Here?

Educationally Focused

Driven by outcome and opportunity

Our residents will be guided toward a 100% board passage rate and securing prized fellowships and employment opportunities. Multidimensional mentoring by program leadership, faculty and resident peers focuses on achieving key milestones in learning and teaching pediatrics. Opportunities to create and adapt to new learning experiences that are generated as a result of the ongoing changes to the current health care environments is a major advantage of our new program. With a new focus on resident outcomes, our program is geared to evaluate, report and respond to all educational experiences when other programs may be limited in their ability to introduce new experiences for their learners.

At the conclusion of your three year pediatric residency at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and work carried out with enthusiasm, dedication and excellence, you will be:

  • An outstanding evidence-based clinician who is clinically proficient across the broad spectrum of pediatric practice in traditional ambulatory and inpatient settings as well as in new and innovative settings of care delivery

  • An experienced physician with a thorough understanding of pathophysiology, coordination of care for patient populations, and individualized medicine as applied to diagnostics and therapeutics

  • A physician leader of health care teams

  • Facilitating the continued application of knowledge to practice within areas designed for professional development in our program: leadership, cultural competence, individualized medicine, ethics, continuous quality improvement and safety, and business of medicine

  • An excellent and accomplished teacher with an in-depth understanding of medical education

  • A thoughtful mentor and advisor for medical students and interdisciplinary health care colleagues

  • A physician with a core skill set used in designing, conducting and implementing successful clinical research

  • Well-versed in the interdisciplinary practices of the health care systems of the future

  • Ready to assume the duties of your fellowship or employed position and begin work in a great diversity of medical settings world-wide

  • A graduate of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital who achieved the standards of the “milestones” for independent practice required for completion of training in pediatrics and for eligibility for the American Board of Pediatrics examination

  • Ready to pass your American Board of Pediatrics initial certification examination

  • An alumni of the JHACH Pediatric Residency Program

  • A highly sought-after physician for employed positions and/or fellowships of your choice

  • Prepared for Maintenance of Certification within the context of lifelong learning and continuous professional development as a physician

A high tech, high touch environment for learning and teaching

Our program taps into new technologies. Bedside interactions with patients and families in our state-of-the-art hospital are supplemented by simulation learning with low and high fidelity equipment in multiple simulation settings within the NICU and the JHACH Simulation Center. Multidisciplinary learning in the simulation labs as well as in our Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic enhances team training and better prepares our resident physicians to lead the pediatric teams of the present and future.