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Striving to prevent and cure diseases to make the lives of all children better.

Who gets sick and who doesn’t? Why do some apparently healthy children develop serious diseases later in life while others do not? These questions propel the work we do to heal and prevent disease in children now and throughout their lifetimes. We are making significant investments in research—including scientists, laboratories and sample preservation—to answer those questions with the goal of eradicating diseases that are common today.

Our mission is to bring important research to all areas of pediatric medicine beginning at the basic science level with the Institute for Fundamental Biomedical Research and continuing through our Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.

By discovering new information about the origins of disease, developing evidence-based therapies and providing patients and clinical researchers with access to innovative research opportunities, we are able to practice precision medicine that advances the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pediatric-onset diseases.

Clinical Research Lifecycle

Explore our interactive clinical research lifecycle for specific information and resources available within each stage.

Research Institutes

Institute for Clinical and Translational Research
The institute brings together researchers and trainees from multiple departments and institutes throughout the institution, whose academic work involves clinical/translational science.

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Institute for Fundamental Biomedical Research

Using basic science to discover what leads to the development of diseases, the institute brings together scientists, educators and clinicians to advance precision medicine.

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Cores & Shared Resources

Johns Hopkins All Children’s supports clinical, translational and basic research.

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Research & Education Building

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Research Leadership

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