Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Pursuing evidence-based treatments and cures for children

Research is at the heart of all we do at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. By providing pediatric patients with access to innovative research opportunities, we help advance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of pediatric onset diseases and their adverse outcomes.

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, under the leadership of Director Neil Goldenberg, M.D., Ph.D., engages investigators who share a collective passion not only for what the clinical and translational research reveals, but also how one conducts the research (i.e., process is as important as product). This emphasis permeates the education and training activities that the Institute conducts with residents, fellows and faculty/clinicians. The institute also works in parallel with the Institute for Fundamental Biomedical Research, advancing a growing number of interdisciplinary research initiatives and teams that bridge the basic and clinical/translational sciences.

The hospital is a member of the national Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials (I-ACT) for Children, and leaders within the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research serve on several of I-ACT’s leadership committees and task forces. More than 100 full- and part-time faculty of the Johns Hopkins University are based at Johns Hopkins All Children’s and engage in clinical and translational research. Leveraging work and accomplishments made since 2012 at All Children’s, the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Research has launched several research centers and programs, addressing common themes that span the organization’s existing institutes and departments, including:

  • early-phase clinical trials to study innovative pediatric uses of existing medications (the Center for Pediatric Early-Phase Trials);
  • research focused on pediatric health equity, in particular health care access and health outcomes (the Program in Pediatric Health Equity Research);
  • and education and training programs for the next generation of clinical/translational scientists focused on child health and disease (the Center for Pediatric Clinical/Translational Research Education, Training and Engagement).

Additional centers and programs will be launched over the next two years. These centers and programs will serve as scientific “hubs” for the development of innovative clinical/translational research studies, methods, and grant applications by its researchers and their collaborators in Baltimore and beyond, as well as the publication of original, peer-reviewed research manuscripts for dissemination of new scientific and medical knowledge.  

The Johns Hopkins All Children’s institute is integrated within the Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, which receives about $15 million per year from the National Institutes of Health to support investigators as they move discoveries into practice. The institute structures enhance collaboration across Johns Hopkins Medicine campuses.

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