Community Research Advisory Board (CRAB)

In pursuit of its mission to provide leadership in child health through treatment, education, advocacy and research, Johns Hopkins All Children’s is actively engaged in the design, implementation, and reporting of research focused on children’s health and diseases. While some of this research is based in the laboratory (e.g., investigating mechanisms of diseases affecting children), much of the research is “clinical” or “translational”, meaning that it involves people (in this case, children) rather than laboratory models.
While most prospective clinical/translational research studies focus on our patients and information derived from their visits to the Hospital and the network of Outpatient Care Centers, some of the research takes place in the community-settings of the Tampa Bay area. This may include studies of sports-related concussion in young student-athletes, or studies of the risk factors for the development of childhood obesity in healthy infants and children, including home-based surveys, as a few examples.  

While all clinical/translational research conducted is reviewed by an institutional research ethics committee (called an Institutional Review Board), research that takes place in community-settings or which might have a substantive impact upon the local/regional community would also benefit from input by community representatives. For this reason, we are establishing a Community Research Advisory Board, with the following goals:
  1. Help assure community-impact assessment and community input on the design and monitoring of our community-based research and/or research that potentially substantively impacts the local and regional community beyond the our campus. 
  1. Monitor community impact of our research, via review of annual community impact reports provided by our researchers conducting studies that are either community-based or which have been assessed to have potential substantive impact on the local and regional community beyond our campus
  1. Inform the Research Council and the Advocacy Council of any concerns re: the manner in which researchers are addressing perceived or actual community impact, as well as any concerns re: community response to our research.
We are fortunate to have engagement in our CRAB from community organizations that strive to promote the health and wellness of children and families within our community:

CRAB Organizations and Members
Hispanic Services Council 

Hispanic Outreach Center

Pinellas County Departments of Health
Early Learning Coalition (Hillsborough and Pinellas County)

Metro Inclusive Health