Johns Hopkins All Children's CRIB / MDC


Welcome to the Center for Resources in Integrative Biology / Molecular Determinants Core (CRIB/MDC)!  This center and core laboratory is a collaborative effort between the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with support from the All Children's Research Institute (ACRI).  

We provide state-of-the-art offerings in metabolomics, lipidomics, peptidomics and proteomics. In accordance with our mission the CRIB is open to the world and we do not markup our prices for outside users and offer competitive volume based discounts. Here we have assembled guidelines to facilitate your use of the CRIB, as well as more general “omics” resources.  We hope you find this handbook helpful in the development, execution, and analysis of your research.

We look forward to working with users throughout the Hopkins community, the nation, and the world.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions so that the CRIB may best serve its users.


David Graham, PhD