Johns Hopkins All Children's CRIB / MDC

Integrative Biology and Other "-omics"

An increasing number of researchers are turning to multiple “-omics” technologies to develop the most complete understanding possible of their systems of study.  Each of the –omics fields on its own can generate massive and complete data sets, such that integration of the data can be complicated.  Mass Profiler Professional (MPP) is a differential analysis software package from Agilent Technologies, Inc. that enables statistical analysis of data from multiple platforms.   MPP will be available in the CRIB as part of the data analysis offerings.                   

For more resources and information for all omics technologies please visit the Bioinformatics Portal hosted by Welch Medical Library.

Resources at JHU                  

There are many other –omics oriented research facilities and resources available at JHU, some of which are listed below.

Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Facility at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Johns Hopkins Institute for Computational Medicine

Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

High Throughput Biology (HiT) Center