Post Award Activities

Successful grants management requires a common understanding of processes and systems, prompt distribution of information, and effective communication between the project director and hospital administration.  Grants administration assists in this process by monitoring the flow of projects through the organization and ensuring compliance with hospital policies and procedures as well as the rules and guidelines of the grantor and relevant regulatory agencies.  After receiving notification of an award, ACH Grants Administration personnel are available to guide the project director through the remainder of the grant life cycle.  This includes financial management and program management oversight.  Activities conducted and supported by grants administration in conjunction with the project director include:

Project Start-up

  • Review of Notice of Grant Award (NOGA) or Award Letter

  • Coordinate with Finance to set up grant expense and revenue  accounts  

  • Assist in creation and execution of subagreements

  • Develop checklist of contractual requirements

  • Review of project director responsibilities

  • Budget and timeline review

 Project Management

  • Monitor personnel expenses

  • Complete monthly Time and Effort Certifications

  • Assist with equipment procurement

  • Review monthly expenditures

  • Track actual vs. budget expenditures

  • Determine expense allowability 

  • Submit invoices and track receivables

  • Submit quarterly and annual fiscal reports

  • Provide acknowledgement statement for publications

  • Interpret “Prior Approval” requirements

  • Assist with:
    • Progress Reports

    • Contract Amendments

    • Award Modifications

    • Change in Scope of Project

    • Status Change of Project Director

    • Budget Revisions

    • Requests to Lift Award Restrictions

    • Project Extension Requests

    • Program Income Tracking & Reporting

    • Grantor-Specific Requirements

Project Closeout

  • Reconcile and process outstanding expenses

  • Review checklist of contractual requirements

  • Submit final financial reports

  • Review record retention requirements

  • Assist with final progress/project report

  • Submit Equipment/Property Disposition Report