Pediatric RN Residency

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about our Pediatric RN Residency Program

For external applicants, go to our career website and search for "RN New Graduate Pediatric Residency Program - St. Pete, Florida"
For internal applicants, go to Success Factors and click Careers. Search for "RN New Graduate Pediatric Residency Program - St. Pete, Florida"
Please upload both your cover letter and your letters of recommendation in the cover letter field in the online application.  You will need to scan these documents into a single PDF document so that they can be uploaded as one document. There will be a separate field for you to upload your resume. Please ensure that you receive your recommendation letters prior to the application date.
Appropriate salutations include: "Dear Hiring Manager," "Dear Hiring Team," "Dear Nursing Managers," or "To Whom It May Concern." Although many job-hunting sites and columns suggest that you direct your letter to a specific person, when you apply to the RN Residency your application usually is considered by several units. If you are only interested in one unit, you may use a specific greeting (e.g. "Dear CVICU Unit" or "Dear PICU Hiring Manager"). However, please keep in mind that if you choose this type of greeting you are limiting your options and your application might not be considered by other units.
Our hiring team places value in the number of hours in pediatric clinical rotations, previous EMT, LPN or CNA experience, volunteer experience and stable work history. For more tips and career information, join our Talent Community.
All applications will be reviewed. You will be contacted if you are selected for an interview. If you are not selected, you will receive a notification. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applicants, we are unable to provide updates regarding specific applications.
Applicants who meet the requirements and have been selected for an interview will receive an RN Residency Interview Event invitation via email. For out-of-town attendees, hotel and travel recommendations will be provided.
Offers will be extended within two weeks of the RN Residency Interview Event.
This RN Residency Interview Event gives candidates an opportunity to tour the hospital and to meet in person with the Hiring Team, including Directors, Managers, Educators, Unit Leaders and Recruiters. On the tour, you'll see the units that are available for the RN Residency, our Sim Lab (where you will train), and meet some of the nurses that could soon be your future co-workers! The RN Residency Program offers an intensive educational opportunity and support beyond the traditional 13-week programs offered by other hospitals. Our hospital is the only free standing-pediatric hospital on the Gulf Coast of Florida and the only member of Johns Hopkins Medicine outside of the Baltimore area. Getting a glimpse of what we have to offer will give you the opportunity to determine if Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital is the right first step in your career. Also, since all of our RN Residency candidates are new RNs, we know it can be a little difficult to convey everything you want in a cover letter and resume. The interview event will provide a way by which you can distinguish yourself in-person as a good match for the RN Residency program.
We do not require that you sign a contract. Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital offers significant commitment to the extensive training, education and support of New Graduate Nurses and RN Residents. Because of this, we do ask that you carefully consider your commitment to the program and the organization. Any candidate offered a position in the RN Residency will be required to sign this letter of commitment. Internal candidates who are offered a position in the RN Residency but do not have their BSN will be required to sign a commitment to obtain their BSN within a specified time frame. 
You may reapply to future residency programs, provided you still meet the criteria. If you have over one year of RN experience, our RN II positions might be an option for you. You are welcome to join our Talent Community to receive notifications of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Nursing Career information.
As long as you would have time after graduation to obtain your RN Licensure before the start date, then you are welcome to apply.
If you are invited to attend the RN Residency Interview Event, you will receive information about which units are hiring.

In order to provide the best educational experience, we ask that you follow your preceptor’s (or preceptor team’s) schedule.

Requests for special scheduling may not be able to be accommodated.

No time off will be approved for the first 90 days.