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Welcome to our Talent Community for Nurses!

NICU Nurse at bedsideWe are focused on cultivating, nurturing and hiring the best pediatric nursing talent for our organization. We recognize how it can be daunting to make a leap to a new work experience without getting a chance for a "test drive."

With this in mind we've created a Talent Community for nurses that will offer the opportunity for us to share the Johns Hopkins All Children's story so RN's interested in our pediatric mission will have a better understanding of what makes us so special. In addition, Community Members will have the chance to tell us more about their interests and motivations - beyond the resume. 

What is a Talent Community?

It's a place where we connect and share ideas and goals of what matters to us the most in our work lives.  As the Community evolves we'll use all sorts of ways to make sharing and social connectivity a reality -  through online engagement events, forums, webinars, email, social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and Talent Challenges.  The goal is providing a way for you to show what you love to do and what you're capable of - while shining a light on our work experience so you get a better idea if Johns Hopkins All Children's is right for you.

Johns Hopkins All Children's is Building a team of Pediatric RN All Stars!

Do you have what it takes to join one of the best pediatric nursing teams in the country?  Interested in taking your career to the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast?  By joining our Community of Nurses, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate to our staff that you have the motivation and desire to be the best you can be. 

If you are ready to make a move today or just beginning to explore what's out there - the Johns Hopkins All Children's Talent Community for Nurses is the best place to start.

So what are you waiting for....

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Note: About Our Sign Up Form...

The Community is a great way for us to learn what makes you - YOU! As part of the Sign Up form we ask a few questions that can give us a better understanding of your interests and motivations. There are no right or wrong answers, all of the questions are optional, and most importantly, all is 100% confidential. No other member will have access your answers (only the Johns Hopkins All Children's HR team and select hiring managers).