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Today's Career Advisor shares:

10 Steps to Phone Interview Success

The objective of the Phone Interview for a Hiring Company is to screen out the interviewee so they won't waste time in a face to face meeting.  Here are 10 Steps for the interviewee that will position them successfully to get the invite for a face to face meeting: ?

  1. This is a screening out event and little will happen if you are not taken to the next step!  The "interview day" is where you'll get a sense if the role is a good career move - so focus on positives only.
  2. Every example or point that is made on the call should demonstrate how excellent you are at the work that you do. Everything said should provide a reason to want to hire you.  Leave your "concerns" for the face to face meetings and only "sell" your career brand to the phone screener based on their specific questions.  
  3. This is not the time to bring up queries of any type having to do with benefits, compensation, commute, or vacation - only topics that will prompt an invite.  This is not the venue to learn if the job is the right one or not.
  4. This IS the time for you to impress the phone screener that you communicate well, are a confident "get it done" person, are positive and upbeat (be charming & smart). 
  5. You SHOULD ask questions - but only about the role itself to better understand it . Demonstrate that you know your business based on the questions that you ask (questions can tell more about a person than their answers...).
  6. Keep your answers short and to the point, no longer than 2 minutes. This will keep answers focused and on target (two minutes is a long time!).
  7. On the other hand,-  avoid monosyllabic answers - they want to hear what you have to say (just don't go past two minutes... )
  8. Do not speak over the phone screener's words (let them talk - they'll appreciate you for it).  Wait until there is a pause then wait another second before charging in - this will portray a thoughtful interchange.
  9. Most importantly, relax and have fun with the call - if you are working with a recruiter, they've already told the interviewer a lot about you and they're basically checking to make sure that they're right - so the job is pretty much over before it begins if you just be yourself.  Look at the phone screen as a "Professional Conversation" between two industry veterans who are sharing ideas about industry topics.
  10. Think of the call as an "advanced networking" event where you are able to make a new contact who if impressed can potentially help advance your career progression or professional development.

The key to a successful phone interview is to be relaxed enough so that the real you can come through loud and clear.  By reviewing the list above you'll have a better feel for expectations and more importantly a "game plan" for how to approach it.  You're not telling your career story on this call - just providing the interviewer with enough goodness to invite you to a face to face meeting where the real fireworks will begin!

Good Luck!