Talent Community Events

We are totally focused on creating opportunities for members and Johns Hopkins All Children's staff to share ideas and get to know one another.  The best way to do this is through "live" online Engagement Events and Q&A Group Sessions.  Using Webinars, Group Video Events and Twitter Group Events we will consistently invite Community Members to online sessions where we'll discuss all things Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, Industry Issues and Initiatives and topics of importance to members.  This will provide Community Members with a vehicle to show what they know, demonstrate their mental acuity and learn about Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital. 

Twitter iconThe best part is that all of these will be very simple to participate in...all from the comfort of your own home, coffee shop or where ever you surf online, whether it is downloading a Go to Meeting widget, linking up your webcam or signing up for Twitter (or signing in to the Community if you have an account), all of it is easy to do.

Events On Tap

We have organized a series of Group events on Twitter that will be held regularly.  The schedule has yet to be established and they will be open to all members to participate...  We will forward the invite to your inbox once the schedule is nailed down...we look forward to seeing you there!