About Us

Fit4AllKids YMCA 6 Almost every day we come across another report in the media about the growing problem of overweight children and teens. It's a national issue facing families everywhere, including thousands in the Tampa Bay area.

Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is helping children and teens manage their weight and make healthy choices about food and exercise. Our pediatric specialists created Fit4Allkids to help families reach and maintain a healthy weight and body size and to be more active and fit.

Our nutrtition, fitness and motivational experts offer fun and interactive classes that encourage children and teens to do their personal best and reach their own individual goals. 

Fit4Allkids participants accomplish the following outcomes for better health:

  • Decrease in Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Improved overall health by lowering blood pressure, which helps avoid the possible onset of heart disease.
  • Replacing high calorie and high fat foods with great tasting, healthy recipes that are budget friendly and easy to make.
  • Increased levels of fitness and activity. They are having fun playing and enjoying a new active lifestyle.

How can you participate?

  • Discuss the program options with your child's doctor to help determine which program would be best for your family. Physician screening is required for participation.
  • Register for the First Steps: Fit4Allkids community-based program or your schedule your first Healty Steps clinic visit.
  • Make a commitment to complete the program and become more active and fit.

What are your options?

First Steps: Fit4Allkids  

This six-week program is offered in the community in partnership with Healthy St. Petersburg at Campbell Park Recreation Center. Classes meet one time per week. Each session is 120 minutes long and consist of separate child/parent nutrition and lifestyle information sessions, physical activity for all participants (either separate or as a group) and one family activity that relates to subject focus for the week. Participants receive a free 6-week membership to the YMCA during the course of the class.

This program is intended for families who meet the following criteria:

  • Child aged 7-11 years
  • Child with BMI between the 85th-95th percentile
  • Child can independently function in class setting
  • At least one adult family member/caregiver can attend the program with the child
  • Family can attend ALL sessions. Transportation, extracurricular activities and such should not affect attendance.

Healthy Steps Weight Management Clinic

Healthy Steps is a clinic that specializes in treating children and adolescents, up to 21 years of age, who are struggling with their weight. This clinic provides an individualized, evidence-based multidisciplinary approach to the assessment and treatment of weight problems. The clinic provides services for all, however it was designed for those with health conditions related to unhealthy weight (Type II diabetes, fatty liver disease, hyperlipidemia, etc.) and those who require one-on-one care due to developmental or psychological considerations. Insurance is accepted.