FAQs for Parents

Questions about starting First Steps: Fit4Allkids? You're not alone. Most parents have many questions about the program and whether it is the right program option for their child and/or family. Our team is happy to answer your concerns and provide you with guidance to help you make the right choice for your family. First Steps: Fit4Allkids is offered in fall, winter, spring and summer sessions. 

Below are some of the frequently asked questions from our parents. Please read through and feel free to send us your questions as well.

How much does the program cost and will my insurance cover it?

Because this is a community-based program (not in a doctor's office), we are able to offer First Steps: Fit4Allkids at no cost to families. 

Do I have to attend? Can another adult bring my son/daughter each week?

We encourage all parents/primary caregivers to attend. If your schedule doesn't allow you to take apart, another adult who is important in your child's life can attend in your place. This program works best when those who take regular care of your child attend consistently. 

Can younger and/or older siblings participate as well?

Yes, making long-term changes can be easier when the whole family takes part and is supportive. However, siblings must be able to participate in a traditional classroom setting. 

Will the experts provide us with a diet?

No. We focus on helping you make healthy choices and changing unhealthy behaviors. We provide education about healthy food choices and teach you how to make tasty and healthy meals and snacks.

What happens when the 6-weeks is complete?  Is there an advanced program?

Our goal is for you to have the knowledge and skills you need to continue to make good nutrition and exercise choices after the 6-week program ends. If your child needs additional guidance at the end of the program, our team may recommend the Healthy Steps clinic for one-on-one care.

My child is not overweight--can he or she still participate?

This program is designed for children who are overweight, however we recognize that children who may not be overweight now can show signs indicating future weight issues. If your child's physician feels the program could be beneficial, please have them fax a completed screening form to our office.