Learning with Fit4Allkids

Parent Success Stories

Geri and Sarah attended the Clearwater Fit4Allkids Program when Sarah was 12 years old. Today, Sarah is 18 years old and a very healthy, active teenager. Read on to learn more about their thoughts on Fit4Allkids:

Sarah and I tell a lot of people about Fit4Allkids. Sarah is very proud to have been part of the program and she shares this with others whenever she can. Sarah and I started going to the gym and Jazzercise class together after Fit4Allkids. She is an inspiration to many women there and has been the youngest over the past four years. We go four times a week, always together. This is our mother-daughter time together, what could be better?

Sarah learned so much about food and nutrition by being part of Fit4Allkids. We started eating healthier and exercising more and because of this I know that someday Sarah would love to work with children and nutrition in the future. We loved going to the grocery store store with the class to learn first hand how to purchase the healthy food and snacks and were able to become experts at reading labels.

The whole program is awesome! Everything we learned from the instructors was great. Sarah and I are going on a Jazzercise cruise later this year, which is just one of the many special ways we choose to spend our time together. There really are not enough positive things I can say about this program and what it has done for my family. I would and I do recommend this program to so many families who are struggling and looking for support and guidance.