Mom Knows Best

Parent Success Stories

Dionna and her daughter Ryleigh participated in the the Fit4Allteens program in 2012, and Dionna tells us how it has changed their lives:
I know by now you are probably tired of hearing from me. But I just wanted to thank you for this program. Ryleigh and I are really bonding in a way that we haven't in quite awhile. We are working out together a few times a week and while working out we are talking about school, boys, her future and other "girlie" things. Before we entered this program, the communication was very limited and she wouldn't open up to me no matter what I tried. I'm introducing new fruits and vegetables to her and she's making better food selections at school and home. SHE'S HAPPY! All I ever want for my baby is to be a happy young girl and together we've achieved just that.

When we first joined the program, Ryleigh only talked about her weight, appearance and what other's felt about her. But only in a few short weeks, guess what? She is happy with herself – she talks about things that make her happy, She's volunteering again and has self-esteem and confidence. As her mother, I want to be the example of how you can be satisfied with who God made you to be. That's why I continue to go to the gym, eat well and "smell the roses of life." I'm pleased and excited for the future with this program. She's a teenage girl and I understand this time would arrive – where there is a clear disconnect between us. I've finally found something that we can do together. It's producing results far greater than physical – reconnecting our mother-daughter relationship and allowing us to enjoy the time that we share. This time together has been great. We are doing the Thursday night cooking course together again, talking to each other, laughing and just enjoying each other.

The three generations live in one house (Ryleigh, myself and mom) and this program has even inspired my mom to get with a program for senior swim and walk with Ryleigh after school. All I can say is "Thank you!" We have a few more weeks to go and I'm still as excited as I was on Day One. Kudos to you for all you do.