Hypertension in Children

Many times parents have questions when their child is diagnosed with hypertension also known as high blood pressure. Dr. Crawford at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital sees these children on a regular basis and has some helpful information to offer to parents.

Kids Love Vegetables

Tyson is a father and a chef on a mission to help parents prepare fresh healthy foods for their family. Tyson offers his advice and expertise on introducing and preparing vegetables that kids will love.

Walking and Biking Safely to School

Many parents question if it is safe to let their child walk or ride their bike to school. Walking and biking to school gives everyone a chance to be active first in the morning and again in the afternoon. Most kids love it! Learn more about safety tips you can share with you child and remember to role model these tips whenever you can.


Did you know that videogames can actually help fight obesity? Dr. Hernandez discusses how videogames can be used as a strategy for helping your children reach their weight goals.