Talking to Your Patients

Sometimes talking about overweight and obesity can be a sensitive topic for physicians to address with their families. Learn how to gain confidence and address this topic comfortably with patients.

Review of the AAP Guidelines

Melanie has been doing weight management counseling and working with families for over 20 years. Learn more about the AAP guidelines and when it is best to start an intervention and what outcomes to expect.

Talking with Conner

Dr. Turpin talks about the impact of childhood obesity and how starting an intervention can be successful. Learn more about Fit4Allkids and what Conner thinks about the program.

Is Your Patient Ready for an Intervention?

Dr. Wilsey works with children and families one on one in his office for weight management consultations. Over the years, he has learned what works best and how important it is that the patient is "ready" to try an intervention program. Learn more about how to talk with your patients and recognize the readiness signs.