Healthy Start


We hold several events throughout the year that offer helpful tips and educational resources for parents and families.

Healthy Start Infant Academy

The Healthy Start Infant Academy provides parents with education on topics including safe sleep, breastfeeding, car seat safety and basic infant care. Once you complete the workshop, you’ll receive supplies related to the topics covered and a certificate.

Infant Academy is open to women who are at least six months pregnant, and/or parents who have an infant under the age of six months.

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Healthy Start Photo Contest

We’re searching for couples who are expecting (your baby bump must be visible), as well as parents and their families (infants and children up to age 5). Please go to the link below and complete the form and submit a recent photo of your family to be entered in the Healthy Start family photo contest.

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Healthy Start Self Care Brunch

Family, work and life in general can be overwhelming. When you’re stressed, self-care is often the last thing on your mind, but it’s important to help you navigate life’s everyday challenges. Join Healthy Start as we begin a journey toward self-care.

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