Meet Our Team

We partner with community leaders, schools and others to provide community health services.

Kimberly Berfield

Kimberly Berfield Vice President , Government and Community Affairs

Stephanie Sambatakos

Stephanie Sambatakos Program Coordinator, Government and Community Affairs

Community Affairs

Kellie Gilmore

Kellie Gilmore Community Health and Wellness Manager

Janelle Garcia, Ph.D.

Janelle Garcia, Ph.D. Clinical Research Coordinator

Bonnie Wickland Instructor, Per Diem

Iris Merryweather Instructor, Per Diem

Pember Hedger Culinary and Nutrition Educator, Per Diem

Rosana Rivera Instructor, Per Diem

Gwen Harmon Instructor, Per Diem


Anita Jimenez Program Coordinator

Megan Armstrong Dietitian

Mallory Carteaux Exercise Physiologist

Injury Prevention

Petra Stanton Safe Kids Supervisor

Renisa Martinez Safe Kids Program Coordinator

Lynn Larson Safe Kids Educator

Rachelle Webb

Rachelle Webb Safe Routes to School Community Educator

Jodi Walborn

Jodi Walborn Safe Routes to School Community Educator

Lisa Indovino

Lisa Indovino Safe Routes to School Community Educator

Healthy Start


Kimberly Brown-Williams

Kimberly Brown-Williams Program Manager

Tracy Enright

Tracy Enright Program Evaluator

Amber Tellis

Amber Tellis Administrative Assistant

Community Services

Rashid Mizell

Rashid Mizell Community Healthy Worker

Cynthia Tomlin

Cynthia Tomlin Peer Community Advocate

Case Management

Parris Bolden

Parris Bolden Community Health Worker

Janelle Dennis

Janelle Dennis Community Health Worker

Jana Richardson

Jana Richardson Community Health Worker

Volunteer Resources

Angie Kaczor

Angie Kaczor Volunteer Coordinator

Ranetta Sumner

Ranetta Sumner Volunteer Coordinator