Davien's Story

There are only 140 pediatric neurosurgeons in the country. Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital has three. This fact proved critical to little Davien who was snuggled against his mother in his own home when a random, stray bullet pierced a window and then Davien's skull, damaging his eye and a crucial portion of his frontal lobe.
He was immediately flown to Johns Hopkins All Children's where a neurological team more than familiar with developing brains raced him into surgery. Davien survived but suffers from permanent damage to his frontal lobe, the part of the brain that affects decision-making and emotion. As his mother recalls, "he more or less had to relearn how to walk, talk and eat." But he is doing much better both mentally and physically, she reports, and getting excellent grades in school.

Davien requires ongoing therapy through Johns Hopkins All Children's and while his mother is thrilled with the care he is receiving, she recognizes the need for pediatric neurological research. "We need answers for our children, and research will provide them," she says.